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Why Pakistani Suits Are Irresistible?

Designer Salwar kameez


Culture is one aspect of our lives that brings people from varied religions, traditions, and countries together under one roof. Such is also the culture of Pakistani Suits. They are in high demand amongst women of Indian origin. The main reason for their demand in India is because of their elegant looks, yet in the most traditional manner. 

Pakistani suits are the modified version of traditional suits. Moreover, Pakistani suits are available in a comprehensive range of designs, patterns, and shades. Modern days designers have been using innovative styles and ideas in cuts and necklines with the latest trends to provide innumerable variety. These innovative cuts and designs have played a crucial role in offering amazing looks to the collections. These are used to give a glamorous touch to the collection.

But, what is it that makes these suits so irresistible?

1) The fashion is crisp and relatable 

When Pakistani suits were introduced in the Indian and worldwide markets, people got introduced to something that is fresh and unlike what they were used to wearing in terms of both – design and fabric. There started the fashion of knee-length kameez with straight pants. This may have been the turning point in the popularity of the Pakistani suits. 

2) Pakistani suits come in varied styles and fabrics 

Not only Pakistani suits come in varied styles and fabrics, but the quality of the fabric used in making these suits are airy, light-weight, and smooth-textured. These qualities make it a perfect choice amongst women for all seasons and especially during the hot and humid Indian summers. Moreover, the price range of these Pakistani suits is vast. This makes it accessible to all segments of the woman-folk. From luxury wear to daily wear, Pakistani suits offer and appeal to everyone.

3) The Bollywood influence

We all know how Bollywood has influenced how we dress and look. Pakistani suit manufacturers have used this influence to popularize their products in the Indian market. Pakistani fashion designers have used Bollywood celebrities as their brand ambassadors to endorse their creations. Big Bollywood divas like Karishma Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Katrina Kaif can often be seen to feature in public in Pakistani suits. 

The love for Pakistani Suits amongst the people in India has established an unannounced bond of connectivity and humanity. It has proved that the love for culture and traditions cannot be bound by boundaries. 

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