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why is Western wear more comfortable for women than Indian wear?



It is very confusing for women to decide which attire or dress to wear for any occasion and also which is better – the ethnic Indian wear which is classier or the modern Western wear that is versatile. There is a mixed thought about the same. Some believe that we should adapt to Western clothing as they are more modern, with being more comfortable, giving them more confidence wearing. Some believe that we Indians should wear Indian wear as we have always been deeply attached to our roots and tradition. It features our vivid culture and beliefs. But, dressing the way a woman wants is more important than dressing up for culture and society. A woman should dress up for herself, her comfort, and her pride and boldness. Buy western wear online to get the latest and trending designs.

Both Indian ethnic wear and Western dress-up are unique and special in their way. The majority of woman feels Western wear are better because they find it more comfortable, but it will be wrong to judge one better than the other.

Let's look at some of the reasons why a woman finds Western wear more comfortable than Indian wears:

1) You get more scope of movement with Western clothes: Western clothes like jeans, t-shirts, trousers, palazzos online, long skirts, and alike allow much greater comfort in terms of movement. Whether you go to work or move outside more often. Carrying on with Western dresses is more convenient and flawless.

2) Western wears are trendier: With changing styles, designs, and patterns every season, Western wear allows ore options in every category. Moreover, the same dress can do for formal wear and also for special occasions.

3) Indian wear needs more learning: Attires like saree needs a woman to know properly to drape. They might be difficult at times as compared to Western wear. Moreover, wearing Western wear is more comfortable and time-saving as compared to some ethnic Indian wears.

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4) The growing popularity of Western-style clothes: Woman in India on a large scale has started adopting Western clothing. Items like jeans, trousers, tops, and tees have found a special place with the modern Indian woman. They find these clothes suit their attitude and the level of performance that they are involved in.

We must not compete with Western clothes with Indian wears. They both are different from each other and have their importance and value. Everyone is free to decide what they want to wear, depending on the level of comfort and style. Choose what you want to wear, according to the occasion and your personal preferences – Indian wear or Western.


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