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why churidar kameez dresses are popular among Indian women?

Designer Salwar kameez


Salwar Kameez is one popular costume that is preferred by almost every Indian woman irrespective of their age, religion, culture, and preferences. It is also one of the most fashionable costumes worn in the Indian subcontinent and has its presence globally. Once introduced by the Mughal women in their era, it is highly customizable to suit individual tastes in terms of type, design, choice of fabric, and color. 

What is chuddar kameez and what is so special about it?

Churidar is like proper pajamas or tight-fitting pants that are worn by both men and women in Indian society. It can be said that it is a variant of the famous salwar pants, worn by women in the subcontinent. Salwars are cut wide at the top and narrower at the bottom end. Churidar on the contrary narrows more quickly to reveal the contours of the legs. Always buy Churidar Salwar Suits online from a trending dealer to get the latest design and trending garments.

The kameez is a tunic or a long shirt, with sides left open below the waistline to provide freedom of movement. When a woman wears a churidar kameez, they also wear a long shawl or a scarf called a dupatta covering their head and rounded around the neck.

What makes them so special and popular?

A humble outfit that began its journey as wear for the women peasant population of Punjab is today is a must to have possession of any Indian woman.

1) A perfect fusion of grace and comfort: Churidar kameez is believed to add grace to Indian women. It is one dress that makes you feel comfortable doing all types of jobs, from household chores to office work to traveling and marketing. It is comfortable in every space without causing any restrictions to your movements. you can also buy Pakistani suits online as they are the perfect combination of grace and design.

2) An array of unlimited designs and styles: The churidar kameez is available in numerous designs and styles. You can customize the kameez with embroideries and jari works and make it your special dress for occasions. Moreover, the latest trend promotes wearing a mix and match of the churidar and kameez, creating a new look every time.

3) Fits all: A churidar and kameez look great on every woman and of all body types. No matter what your age or size or skin color is, a churidar kameez will make you look great.

4) Value for money: Churidar kameez comes in a variety of price tags. You can preferably buy one within your budget and it costs much less than any other dress. Printed Salwaar Kameez is also in rent that is why Printed Salwar Kameez dealers are offering the best-suited color combinations with the best designs.

Churidar Kameez is the attire that can take you anywhere, from formal events to the workplace, semi-formal events, dinner parties, social gatherings, ritualistic events, and cultural gatherings. 

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