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Why is Anarkali Suit famous among fashionable women?

Designer Salwar kameez


A salwar suit is one dress that is most preferred by Indian women. Trends and fashion changes now and then, but the charm and beauty of a salwar kameez are forever to stay in the hearts of an Indian woman. One type of salwar suit, popularly names the Anarkali Suit, has become the most loved attire for women across the globe. They still keep rocking the fashion ramps, with almost every Bollywood beauty flaunting an Anarkali Suit and thereby showcasing an eternal fusion of the rich Indian tradition in a contemporary design. 

In today’s time, women love wearing an Anarkali Suit for various outings like a wedding, or any occasion and even for official functions. So, what are the reasons for the popularity of an Anarkali Suit among fashionable women?

1) It adds a royal and classy touch

Anarkali suits have been long associated with the rich and the royal ages. This attire owes its name from a fictional character called 'Anarkali' – a courtesan in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is why; if you wear an Anarkali Suit with the right accessories, you can be assured to look extremely classy and elegant – just like a princess from the royal times. 

2) Implacable piece of art and fashion

Anarkali suits are long, and due to this the designers and artists more space and options to create or turn a simple piece of the suit into an implacable work of art with beautiful patterns, colors, and embroideries. The look of the suit makes the work done on them more visible.

3) Look gorgeous and comfortable at the same time

The Anarkali Suit is a stunning piece of attire that also keeps the comfort quotient intact. When it is about Indian women's attire, sarees and salwar suits are the most preferred and loved outfits. But, a saree may not as easy to carry as an Anarkali Suit or a straight cut suit may not be fit for any occasion like the Anarkali. 

4) The best Indian outfit to highlight the positive body parts

Any dress you wear, it is important that it highlights the positive areas in your body and hides the non-positive areas that you may have in your figure, like your belly or the abdomen area, or your back area that have excessive fat. Anarkali Suit is a perfect choice as it camouflages your figure and helps you hiding the flaws that you may not want to show. 

5) The most elegant suit option for an Indian women

Anarkali Suits by their very nature are one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses by their very nature and origin. It gives a graceful silhouette look on any body size and shape. The suit in itself speaks of pure class like a pure waterfall drape with a regal feel. 

While these are just a few reasons why Anarkali suits are so famous, but there are numerous other reasons, why fashionistas fall in love with these suits. 

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