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Wedding Dresses: The growing popularity of vintage

Wedding Dresses


Just like traditions in our Indian culture, wedding dresses are also being handed from one generation to the next. In the modern-day, most brides prefer buying their dress for the wedding day instead of wearing the generation-old dress that has been passed on in the family tradition for ages. But, there is more to the word 'vintage' than simply terming it as 'old'. Buy wedding dresses online from wedding dress manufacturers to get the latest and trending designs.

There are two words in the world of wedding dresses – the antique dress and the vintage dress. When we use the term antique, it means a dress that has been made and designed long back, whereas a vintage looking dress can be one that either looks like one that is at least 25 years old or is that old.

The growing popularity of vintage wedding dresses

During the last decade, there has been a considerable increase in the popularity of vintage items including vintage wedding dresses. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of these dresses is the continued and regular use by Bollywood celebrities in movies, public events, and also during a celebrity wedding. It won't be wrong if we say that the vintage wedding dress fashion has made a comeback in modern times. 

A vintage wedding costume is available in an array of designs, styles, colors, and fabrics for the new bride to choose from. Being the designs inspired from an era when fashion was flowing, yet contoured within the limits of tradition and values, that make each of them a piece of a true masterpiece. Irrespective of which style and design you opt for, it is for sure is with the most trending fashion trends of recent times.

Fashion and Vintage

Being fashionable does not only mean following the latest fashion trends. Fashion is a unique way of expressing and as well as communicating your style, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. The infusion of the latest trends can be used to spice up your looks. A wedding dress is something that apart from showcasing your glamour and beauty on your day portrays your inner qualities and shares your sense of presenting yourself. As fashion keeps on reinventing itself amalgamating elements from the past with modern lookouts, a vintage wedding dress gives an authentic look with modern values and thoughts. These are timeless fashion options for the modern fashion-savvy ladies.

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Apart from flaunting historical and aesthetic values, a vintage wedding dress is a way of showcasing some extraordinary craftsmanship and detailed precision of the dressmakers of the yesteryears. If you love embroidery art, luxurious fabrics and perfectly hand sewed beadworks, the vintage wedding dress is the perfect choice for you.

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