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Wedding Dress Rental: Advantages and Disadvantages

Wedding Dresses


Once your wedding is finalized and you start planning for the final day, one of the most important things that we all need to consider first is what are we going to wear on our wedding day? Wedding dresses don't come cheap and particularly if it's a designer one. Buy wedding dress online to get a trending outfit for the wedding ceremony.

But, now you can afford to wear a designer wedding dress of your choice by renting one. Even though many of us may feel uncomfortable with the proposition, it is slowly becoming more and more acceptable. You get to see a huge selection to choose from with varied styles, colors, and designs. And above all, the biggest issue that almost every one of us comes across is what to do with it after the wedding? We hardly wear it for the second time and it occupies and a permanent place in our wardrobe forever.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of hiring a wedding dress, for you to make your choice tactfully and diligently:

The advantages:

1) You save a lot of money buying one: Wedding dresses do not come cheap and when you rent one, you are saving a lot of money by avoiding purchasing one. If you have been thinking of having a particular design that might be impossible in reality when you buy your wedding dress, but when you hire, you get what you have always dreamt. While renting designer dresses could be costly but that costly as buying a new one.

2) You don’t have to bother after your wedding is over: No worrying about storage or deciding what to do with all that expensive wedding dress that you may not use ever again. With rentals, you are free of this worry. 

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3) You get more for one: When you rent your wedding dress, companies may offer you all other extras at the same price like matching shoes, jewelry, slip, and other accessories to suit your dress. Firstly, it's less of a hassle in collecting everything and you also don't have to spend extra on buying them.

4) Zero maintenance costs: Renting a wedding dress has no maintenance cost which you will have to bear when you buy. You just keep the dress for the period you have booked it for and return it after the use is over.

The Disadvantages:

1) You may not get the choice you have desired: You may not get the one that you have dreamt of for your wedding and particularly in the wedding season when there are limited choices.

2) You have to be extra careful with a rented dress: They are expensive, whether you rent them or buy them. You need to be very attentive while using them as you have to take extra care of spills and tears.

3) Size and fit are often a hassle: Not all dress rental agencies offer the advantage of alterations. You may get the dress of your choice but the fit may become an issue. You then have to adjust to the one that fits you.

4) You don’t get that personified feeling: When you rent your wedding dress you lose the emotion that may have been carried from one generation to another. If you want your wedding dress to turn into an heirloom, buy it and do not rent.

Wedding dresses are one aspect that hikes up any wedding budget to a considerable ratio. By renting a wedding dress for yourself, you can smartly use the saved money on something better like spending it on your honeymoon.

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