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10 Traditional Embroideries of India

Textile & Fashion Industry


India is a mesmerizing land of vivid cultures, religions, and customs, engraved in a myriad of treasures in the form of art and crafts. Be it paintings, dance, and music, India is envied by the world for its unlimited treasures. One such Indian art that is admired the world over in our traditional embroidery work. 

Indian embroidery has traveled long since the beginning. With changing fashion trends, Indian embroidery has shown its elegance and sophistication through the ages. While there are numerous embroideries and each with its specialties, they all make their statement. 

1) The Phulkari from Punjab

Phulkari is a rural Punjabi traditional handmade embroidery work that has been there since the 15th century. It simply means floral craft – floral work that is done on the entire surface of the cloth material. Initially done on Khaddar, is now done on a variety of fabrics like cotton, georgette, and chiffon. 

2) Chikankari of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is considered as the hub of Chikankari embroidery work. From sarees to salwar suits and other dresses women prefer showcasing the elegant Ckikankari embroidery work with intricate stitches and patterns. 

3) Kantha of West Bengal and Odisha

Initially used by the women of West Bengal and Odisha to make blankets using discarded fabrics, is now a beautiful illustration of varying motifs of flowers, animals, and geometric patterns. This type of embroidery is extensively used in recent times on Kurtis and women's suits. 

4) The Gota work from Rajasthan

Decorated with motifs of nature, Gota's work brings a royal and graceful impression on the wearer. Gota is a highly embroidered work that was originally done in silver and gold wires in varying lengths. Though they look heavy, are surprisingly lightweights. 

5) Kashida from Kashmir

A Kashmiri art form that is very popular because of its colorful design and techniques. The motifs used in this type of embroidery are inspired by nature's flora and fauna.  Mostly done on wool, Cotswold and Silk wool are practiced mainly on shawls and cottage industries. on its design. 

6) The Banjara style

A delicate combination of mirror work and patchwork, the Banjara embroidery work is all about vibrancy and ethnic looks. Banjara embroidery can be found on dresses, suits, lehengas, blouses, and bags. 

7) The Aari work of Rajasthan, Lucknow, and Kashmir

The Aari work is inspired by nature and speaks of its richness. Mainly done of the body of a saree, the Aari work speaks of style, fashion, and comfort.

8) The Persian Zari or Zardosi work

The Zari work is a reflection of opulence and class. This metallic threadwork was initially done on silk and velvet. Once a mark of the rich and famous done on sarees, suits, blouses, and lehengas nowadays gold-colored plastic threads are used, making this form of art more affordable. 

9) Kasuti from Karnataka

Kasuti is a traditional embroidery art form from Karnataka that symbolizes their tradition and customs of the land. It is the handwork of cotton thread. Kasuti work is mainly done on selective garments and the embroidery work mainly portrays mythological and architectural work to flora and fauna.   

10) The Chamba Rumal of Himachal Pradesh

Chamba rumals are exceptional and wonderful embroidery artwork depicting fine and flawless craftsmanship creating needle miniatures of Himachal or Pahari Rumal. This type of embroidery is very vibrant bright and bold are used as a cover for gifts, decorating deities, accessories such as caps, hand fans, pillow covers, wall hanging, ceiling covers, and used as blouse pieces.

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