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6 Tips to Look Slimmer and Gorgeous in Salwar Kameez Suits

Designer Salwar kameez


Salwar Kameez is by all means one of the most favorite and traditional Indian women's attire. This beautiful attire is one of the most diverse dresses in the Indian culture that can be molded into any style. Ethnic Indian clothing is full of beautiful surprises, but nothing can match the versatility and comfortability of a salwar kameez. Here are a few tips to choose and wear salwar suits that not only make you look hot and gorgeous but also make you look slim and attractive.

1) Choosing the right color

Color plays an important role in how you look. In a way, the color of your salwar kameez is responsible to make you look plum or slim. Importantly, salwar suits with darker hues create an illusion of a slim and lean structure. According to experts, shades of black can conceal a slim and gorgeous look. Match your black color salwar suit with a vibrant colored dupatta, and make yourself stand out like a diva.

2) Length matters

The old good days of the short Kurtis are gone. The latest trend is of long Kurtis. They make you look tall and slim. Choose a length that goes above your ankle. These are the days of stylish and crafty looking kameez and Kurtis. 

3) Cover it up with sleeves

Long, full or half sleeves always make you appear slimmer. If you have heavy arms, never go for sleeves or short sleeves kameez. If you are looking for more comfort and style at the same time, opt for loose fit kameez. Make use of darker prints with vertical textures for much slimmer looks.

4) The print is always important 

The print of your salwar kameez is equally important in deciding how you look. it is an important notion of any salwar suit. It is the print of your dress that can make you look petite and short and also make you look taller and beautiful. Vertical prints with darker shades can be used for taller looks as compared to polka dots with spherical graphics.

5) Choose the right fabric 

To look sizzling, young, and slim, selecting the right cloth material for your suit is critical. Fabrics like body-hugging lycra and spandex can make you look awkward as compared to chiffon, georgette, and cotton, which can hide all the problems. 

6) Salwar is important 

It might be confusing to choose a salwar that can make you look slim and chick. You need some mastery in here. If you have a thin midsection, a churidar can make you look tall, whereas a Patiala is a great option if you have a full-fledged body and your midsection is not than thin. 

All women want to look at their best, and they deserve it too. Most of the women want to look slim and want to flaunt their style and beauty with their clothing. Keep these above points in mind while choosing your salwar kameez and enhance your beauty and curves. 


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