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The Reason behind the Name of Palazzo Pants and its History!



Palazzo pants or trousers are popular women's attire during the summers. Also, called Patanda in the Indian language, Palazzo is an Italian word, which means a palatial building. It must have left you all guessing that what is the similarity between Italian palatial buildings and common woman wear in India?

Well! It's very simple. Palatial buildings have a big infrastructure with narrow tops and broader bases. Now, you must have imagined the similarity. Yes, you are correct. Palazzo pants are loose and extremely wide legs that flare from the top (the waist). But, this is not all. Grand palaces were big, spacious, and comfortable. Similarly, palazzo pants are highly comfortable making them suitable summer wear with spacious and roomier comfort for the wearers. Buy palazzo online and pants online from a well-known brand to get the best quality from the comfort of your home.

History of Palazzo Pants

The popularity of palazzo pants came in the early '70s and later 60's when popular and famous actresses of that era. It was during that era; some of the upmarket dining places in the west resisted the trend of women wearing trousers and termed it as inappropriate. Now, this was a problem for women who did not prefer wearing skirts. Some of these women opted for a new type of trouser, the now Palazzo, to evade the restaurant bans and made it popular evening wear.

Even legging manufacturers are providing a large variety with the best comfortable quality at wholesale prices.

The modern-day Palazzo

Wide couture and long-styled Palazzo pants which were made popular in the early '70s are now back in fashion, not only as western wear but also as favorite party wear with the Indian women. These Palazzo Pants are serving as the best alternative to the traditional salwar kameez and saree. It seems that a Palazzo Pant is just a perfect choice for ladies of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

The key to the success of any dress is to feel comfortable with being style – and a Palazzo is exactly that? Palazzo has become a rage in the Indian market. It won't be wrong if we say that a palazzo is the latest and hottest Indo-Western trend. The modern-day palazzo is available in a variety of bold-fusion modern prints with embroideries, motifs, and ethnic designs. It works fantastic with tunic tops for a chick casual look. The long kurta or an embroidered top or tunic is always there for a more formal look.

Today palazzos are in fashion and it's not at all difficult to find a suitable one – online and offline. You even have the heavy embroider and beaded silk or cotton palazzos in either brighter shades or printed varieties. These days' Indian women are pairing palazzos with ethnic-designed Kurtis to give an elegant look with comfortable attire. The modern-day Kurtis with palazzo pants is the hottest thing in the market with the fashionistas.

If you are a fashion-conscious woman and love western-style dress up, a selection of palazzos is a must in your wardrobe. It also makes for a desired wear for heavy and sized ladies as it can give a lean and slim look on them. The best thing about the palazzo trouser is its versatility.

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