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The impact of COVID-19 on the people who make our clothes



The COVID-19 pandemic has affected economies, supply chains, manufacturers, retailers, and as well as buyers all around the world. The economic landscape in a way has shifted to a hibernating mode, making everyone struggling to survive. Like most of the trades, the weaver community and the cloth manufacturing class is also undergoing rollercoaster times. The restrictions necessitated by various state and central government agencies have further hard hit the cloth manufacturing workers disrupting the value and supply chains everywhere.

Due to lockdown, no wedding is allowed that result in a great loss to wedding dress manufacturers. Many ladies' top distributors have closed their business.

The fashion industry by large has been negatively affected by the outbreak of the pandemic, with demands plummeting productions ceasing and retail outlets closing down. Poor workers who make our clothes working in the factories and manufacturing units are being exploited by large corporations who intend to save their profits. The changes brought around by COVID-19 have significantly impacted every single person involved in the long-chain – majorly the one who is involved in the production of garments.

The worst part of the pandemic was the lockdown phase, where people were restricted to their homes and now that the market is slowly gaining its pace back, there are obligations like social distancing and others, discouraging consumers to move out and shop in person.

Shock amongst the workforce

Reports have been flooding over from all across the globe of thousands and millions losing their jobs as factories publish reports of closing down and billions of dollars worth of orders are being either put on hold or canceled. Furthermore, things have also turned difficult for them who still have their jobs intact, as they are being paid less than before.

Coronavirus isn't going soon, it will keep forcing our lives to pause and stop. Even now that after the restrictions are slowly being lifted, for many and particularly those who are in the garments manufacturing trade 'normal life' is still beyond reach. For them who have lost their loved ones in the pandemic, things can never be the same as before. One thing is for everyone for us to admit that the COVOD- 19 pandemic has changed our lives forever, and for many of us it would be the new way of livelihood.

Online purchasing is the only way to help the textile industry. You can buy ladies suits online so to provide employment and business to the industry.

This recent set of situations and circumstances can only be hoped to bring positive changes to the cloth and fashion industry. Inventions could be made with mending and reusing clothes thereby looking to adopt a mindset of longevity and sustainability in every sphere of our lives.

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