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textile trends for spring-summer 2021



Tough cutthroat competition and the recent pandemic that closed down industries all around the world have created uncertainty with the toughest challenge for the textile industry in 2021. Industry insiders believe that tough this year would be quiet in terms of new designs, industry insiders that there would be introductions of some bold and stylish designs. The spring-summer collections 2021 would see some highly influential choices that are going to have their marks on us.

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The Spring Summer 2021 is not expected to shimmer the way it generally does every year and cherishing the craftsmanship of the actual thread, enlightening the depth of the fabrics. Let’s look at some of the textile trends for Spring Summer 2021.

1) The ocean-inspired: Inspired by the intensity of the ocean, this old-fashioned textile trend using indigo is all blue shades with unexpected patterns and styles coming from the dyes. The theme is Enigmatic Indigo, where you use reused fabric, dye its various patterns, and shades like linen, denim, and silk. 

2) The luxury: Here you are expected to see a softer and more elegant side using bolder and brighter themes. Using lighter silk makes the fabric softer and luxurious. These fabrics are used by Punjabi dresses manufacturers to provide the best quality garments.

3) The raw surfaces: It is just the right representation of the ever-increasing digitalization that we are undergoing in recent times. It represents all the hard materials that we have our hands on these days like laptops, mobiles, screens, keyboards, etc. Various yarns are combined to give a classic and indifferent look to the fabric. No rules but sheer imagination are creating a raw texture of the final fabric.

4) The Denim: It is just impossible to pat with the all-time favorite denim. Newer techniques are infused to create optical illusions and even the classic designs and increase its applicability.

5) The colors: We all like variations in colors, but this season we are going to experience an all-new dimension in colors – mineral tones, dynamic floral, digital, and vegetal. It is expected to be used in clashes or maybe in majestic monochromes. You can even play with new dimensions within your range and open out new horizons. Churidar dress dealers are offering the garments in different magnificent colors that enhance your beauty.

6) The lightness personified: The lightness theme is curated with all the transparency and fluidity we live in. with the present situation demanding flexibility with the ability to transform quickly, the fabric creates some astonishing effects with its layering combined with the richness of some ultra-light coatings.

With the Spring-Summer, 2021 is just around the corner, it's time to get your new wardrobe sorted and ready with the latest in fashion.

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