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Textile Fabric Types: Different types of Fabrics & their Patterns

Textile & Fashion Industry


There are varieties of fabrics and some of them may be in existence for ages. But, there are only a set number of yarns that are weaved to form a variety of fabrics. Additionally, various techniques like weaving, knitting, and felting are used to produce these varieties of fabrics. The variation in the types of fabric is dependent on factors like – variety in fibers, the technique used in their formation, the different types of tools and machinery used to produce them, and the methods used to get the finished products.

Different fabrics and patterns

Fabrics are of countless varieties and qualities ranging from knitted to woven and from synthetic fibers to natural ones. Let’s take a look at the indigenous varieties of fabrics that are available:

1) Cotton Fabrics: Made from the natural fibers from the cotton plant, cotton is made of different fibers from the same plant type. It is first spun into yarns and finally woven to create a soft and tough fabric. Cotton fabric is present in all types of fabrics and is a very important component of the textile industry. Cotton Saree manufacturers are using the best quality cotton fabrics so that the saree can be used by women in daily routine and saree can provide comfortability.

2) Wool: Made from the harvest of animals – sheep and is a staple for many clothing needs. Because of the fabric’s heat resistant properties, it is used in many attires like trousers and coats. Also, it gives all special formal feel to the fabric. Winter collection distributors are using the best wool fabrics to provide the best quality material that can shield you from cold.

3) The Silk Fabric: Owing to its exquisite and fine texture, silks have many specialized applications in the clothing world. Silk has always been valued for its elegance and has served as assets since ancient times. Silk is primarily a product of insects like a moth (caterpillar). This makes it exclusive and there are always limitations in supply. Silk is a fabric of sophistication. Silk Saree dealers are adopting new designs to give the saree a mesmerizing look.

4) Leather: This is a fabric from animals and also is one of the most popular and highly sought after fabric for expensive and exclusive clothing lines. The durability, versatility, and flexibility of the fabric make it useful for plenty of applications from jackets, to pants, and from bags to shoes. It requires a lot of precision and extensive processing and treatments to have the desired outcome for the master craftsman to create his marvel.

5) Synthetic Fabrics: This fabric is also made out of fibers but the ones that are industrially manufactured. Some biggest examples are spandex, nylon, and polyester. They are affordable and can be churned into any form and shape. The growing demand for synthetic fibers in different types of clothing fibers has inspired industries to see it seriously.

Many other types of fabrics are manufactured these days, but the ones mentioned above are the ones that form the base for other fabrics. Fabrics are the epitome of creativity in fashion and style.

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