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Saree wearing tips

Designer Saree


A saree holds great importance to the Indian culture. It reflects our tradition, grace, and style. It is regarded as the most graceful attire for any Indian woman. It is just not a piece of cloth that Indian women wear, but it is our culture, tradition, and values, all bequeathed through generations.

In here we are not going to talk about sarees but about the different styles, we could wear them, and fall in love with them more and more. Sarees wholesalers are providing mesmerizing designs that can be a perfect outfit.

There are hundreds of ways to drape a saree. It’s also not that they have to be traditional and tedious. Let’s see…

1) Get the right petticoat and blouse

A saree is worn with a petticoat underneath and a blouse on top. In this modern and fashion-conscious world, women like to style and match the petticoat and blouse too, as much as they care about the saree. You must get hands-on with the perfectly fitting petticoat and a contrasting blouse that can enhance your overall look. Check out leading dress material manufacturers for perfect fabric material. For the saree to stand out, it is important that you choose the right fabric for your petticoat underneath and also the style. The blouse apart from being contrasting and the chick has to be comfortable to enable free movements of the arms, as with the petticoat allowing you free movement with comfort.

2) Dazzle with draping

Sarees have been draped in various styles and with changing traditions and customs drapes also change. It's time you experiment with draping your saree. Try variant techniques and the way you drape your saree – the dhoti style, the belt style, the Mumtaz style, or the pant or the butterfly style. Saree draping has evolved with fashion and time. Use the one that falters your body and there you are ready to go.

3) The position of your pallu

Draping of the pallu is equally important to remain adjusted to your height. A short or too long pallu can spoil everything. The length of the pallu has to be just right and adequate, suiting you. Ideally, the pallu should fully cover the blouse, and make sure you pin your pallu if you are wearing chiffon or a georgette saree. Georgette saree manufacturers are offering trending designs that can enhance your beauty and you will look stunning on any occasion.

4) Tuck the saree well

Tucking a saree is an art and tucking it around a decent height is very critical. Make sure the crease of the peats is well done and leveled before tucking it below your navel. If you are blessed with a flat belly, make sure you don't tuck it too low. Tucking in the right manner and the right position will determine how pro you are wearing or draping a saree.

5) Remember that all styles don't compliment every occasion

You must know which style to carry wearing a saree for an occasion. Just imagine dressing up in a saree as a bride or for a wedding night, for a casual lunch party. It might look awk. Sarees that are flamboyant looking and accessorizing heavily are not for casual and everyday events.

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