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role of textile and clothing in human society

Textile & Fashion Industry


Dating back to the early days of civilization, humans then realized the need for something more than their skin and hair to protect themselves, and they began looking around to find something that they may be able to use. They hunted for food and used the skins of the animals to cover themselves. It was necessary then.

Today, clothing is a necessity, or we may say, it is more than just a necessity. It is a clothing fashion that is dominating human society. It has been rightly saying – "eat to your taste, but dress to others". A well-dressed person is ever welcoming by all. It won't be wrong if we say that a person can survive for a few days without food, but may not without his dress. Clothing and thus textiles are changing the way we live and have a huge impact on us and thereby on human society. 

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The all-important role of textile and clothing

First and foremost, the basic, yet the most prominent role of textile and clothing is to protect humans, both physically and psychologically. Then comes comfort in all activities that we do. The layers of textiles between our skin and the outside environment are a defense barrier against all the harmful elements of nature like heat, air, and fluid. As human society kept growing, the textile and clothing kept developing, depending on the needs. 

The various stages of interconnection between humans and textile and clothing:

First: it is the first stage when textile and clothing were used in human society to provide protection, mainly from the two factors – heat and cold.

The Second: it was the phase when humans, as they were advancing needed to use textile and clothing to use it as a protective barrier from adverse heat conditions like fire and high temperatures. Intense researches were made on this aspect to arrive at better results.

The Third: is the phase during which textiles and clothes were used for higher comfort and as a means to showcase standards of living by the more developed and economically stronger. Textiles and clothes slowly started to evolve as fashion. A separate industry was born which dictated terms using designs, patterns, and needs of the society. New inventions were made in the field and the birth of a new revolution called the fashion industry took birth.

Designer dress material has changed the trend of textile and clothing. Nowadays people want designer garments so to meet the requirement of the market dress material distributors are widely concerning the demand.

Textile and clothing today is the identification of the human race. Certain types of textiles and clothing have become the way of representing special images, like uniforms for occupational purposes. Humans have categorized themselves through the use of textiles and clothing to demarcate their status. Clothing plays an important role in human society. Due to worldwide acceptance, fashion is the buzz word today. 

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