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Retro Style Sarees Back in Trend- Rock the Look

Designer Saree


Today, when we are becoming more and more fashion-conscious and care about the way we look and dress, looking like a diva in a retro style saree is sure to grab everyone's attention. Yes, you read it right! The retro fashion is back and trending. Now, Rock the Look with these back in fashion trends retro-style sarees:

1) The Mumtaz Saree Styled Draping

Modern-day designers still vouch for this style of saree draping. It is perhaps that still runs fresh in our memories. The classy looking tight silhouette chiffon saree draped around the wait three times on the lower torso is still admired and used by many Bollywood divas in their movies and events.

2) The Peshawari Saree with Dupatta

It is a style of saree draping that is focused around the dupatta. The Peshwa Saree was always worn with a dupatta draped along with it. This simple retro saree wear with a dupatta is back in fashion with a new double pallu style.

3) The Bengali Style Retro Saree

Bengali Style retro saree has always been famous. It is one style that has been adorned by saree lovers for occasions and weddings and as well as a daily wear style. This style has always been simple with the pallu on the right, but now with more variations. 

4) The Gujrati and Parsi Retro Saree Draping Style

These are another style of saree that was worn in the past and even in modern times. Gulati saree is famous for its ulta-pallu with slight variations in the length of the pallu in the Parsi style. The styles are still worn today with flair. 

5) The Maharashtrian Retro Dhoti Saree

The drape is one of the most important aspects of a Maharashtrian saree. Marathis love maintaining their tradition by wearing these sarees at weddings and special occasions. They are amongst the most popular retro sarees of today.

6) The Retro Nivi Style Saree

This is one style that you will see everywhere and every day. During the retro days, this style of wearing a saree was a casual style with the pallu not very well pleated. Cotton sarees were worn, with the pallu just gathered and thrown over the left shoulder. 

Sarees are blessed. They can never run out of fashion. With the retro styles making a big comeback, wearing a saree would be more fun and fashionable. 

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