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Reasons for choosing a saree over lehenga

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Rituals, festivities, weddings, and other social gatherings hold an intricate part of the Indian culture. Everyone loves to be a part of such occasions, dressed in their best of attire, looking beautiful, and flaunting their style and attitude. The attention to fashion and clothing is always the focal point – every person in the gathering wants to make sure that she or she is in their most elaborate and extravagant garments.

Lehengas and saree are two traditional Indian attire worn by Indian women on most occasions. But there is always a tussle between choosing the two. Here, we would tell you, why you should choose a saree over a lehenga for all such occasions. Georgette sarees at wholesale prices are available with the best dress material.

  • 1) You get innumerable options choosing a saree

Saree is the national attire of Indian women. There are vast diversities in the design, pattern, style, and fashion with sarees. The versatility of this Indian attire makes it one of the most admirable garments to be worn by any women across the globe. The scope is so vast that you really cannot differentiate one from another. Moreover, the choice of fabric is also limitless from cotton to silk and more. Embroidery Saree manufacturers offer a wide range and variety of sarees that can delegate the beauty.

  • 2) Saree is one garment that can never be out of fashion

Fashion comes and goes. Trends remain for some time and then phase away allowing fresh ones to come into play. But a saree has always defied all fashion trends over centuries around the globe. The pattern in lehengas and dupattas can come and go, but a saree is always there making the best out of the Indian culture. On the other hand, any saree is preserved and maintained well will serve its purpose for ages and you will always be admired and appreciated every time you wear it. 

  • 3) Sarees are always more comfortable as compared to lehengas

A saree is always more comfortable as compared to the comfort of wearing a lehenga. It is always easy to carry, light in weight, and anytime provides better movability for the wearer. Moreover, the best part of a saree is its fitting. A saree fits all and all, irrespective of their size, skin color, height, and age. Everyone can find the perfect one for any occasion for themselves. 

  • 4) One saree can be used for multiple occasions as compared to a lehenga

A lehenga meant for a wedding purpose cannot be worn for any other occasion, whereas a saree can find its place everywhere and for every occasion. The versatility of a saree is immense. For example, you can wear your wedding saree for any other ritualistic or cultural occasion throughout your life. The same saree can also be paired with different blouses to create a unique and different look every time you wear it. Silk Saree dealers are using the latest design that may give it a lehenga look.

Indian women have a variety of clothing choices ranging from lehengas to sherwanis to exotic salwar suits to sarees and more. Yet, the fact of the matter remains that a saree is always a better option than a lehenga.



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