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Readymade garments merits and demerits



Choosing a perfectly fitting garment could be quite intimidating. These garments are mass-produced finished products, unlike tailor-made garments. The demand for a ready-made garment is rising day by day as compared to the earlier days when a ready-made garment was a choice of the rich and the famous. 

In the present world, every single individual wants to look fashionable. Everyone wants to prove that they are fashion conscious and with a lack of time and patience, tailor-made dresses have long been left behind. But, ready-made garments have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at them individually. 

The merits:

1) Readymade garments are readily available: You do not have to wait to buy the fabric of your choice and then look for a good tailor to stitch and give you your much-needed garment. Ready-made garments are readily available in varied choices, designs, and patterns. They are up-to-date with the latest style and can be worn for any occasion or event.

2) Ready-made garments are available in a variety of styles and materials: The availability and the market of ready-made garments are such that you have incomparable choices of fabrics and styles to choose from. 

3) You get garments as per season and occasions: You get what you want and that too ready-made. Warm clothes for the winters or comfortable clothes for the summers – ready-made has made life easy.

4) Saves a lot of time: You don’t have to hop buying the fabric first and then look for a good tailor to give your measurement and wait for the final garment. It's instant with ready-made clothes.

5) You get the latest in the fashion world: This may be one of the biggest reasons for the success of ready-made garments. Ready-made garments are mass-produced by leading garments manufacturing companies who appoint top-notch designers and fashion people to design their clothes before going into mass production. 

6) As a buyer you can try your new garment for fitting: To make sure that the dress you choose fits you, you can try it on you to see how it looks on you.

The Demerits:

1) Sizes could be an issue: Yes, at times you may like a dress, but have to drop it because of the reason that you do not have a size that fits you.

2) The proper fit could be an issue: It often happens that you buy a ready-made garment that you have liked, but unfortunately it does not fit you properly. The sleeves or the shoulder could be a little ill-fitting on you. 

3) Are expensive than tailor-made or home-made garments. 

4) Some ready-made garments could be of poor quality stitch and fabric. 


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