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The mystical aura of Banarasi georgette saree in the sassy world

Designer Saree


Banarasi sarees are the most prized possession of any woman. The Banarasi saree has its recognition not only in India but all around the world. These sarees have their characteristics – soft, smooth, and quintessentially Indian, something that every woman loves about them. 

Banarasi sarees mat have been all about silk that is all about lavish texture imbibed in innovative designs, but in the changing times, Banarasi georgette sarees have become a game-changer in the latest saree fashion trend. This fashion marvel has already paved its way into the heart of saree lovers with its luxury and comfort at the same time. 

What makes the Banarasi georgette saree so distinct?

A Banarasi georgette saree is woven in organic colors that give it a pristine hue. These sarees are designed over a crinkly surface of vibrant hues and gorgeous embellishments. These sarees are easy to dye and are very skin-friendly and soft that provides gorgeous drapes, along with being easy to carry being lightweight. 

Banarasi sarees are an excellent symbol of Indian heritage. The Banarasi georgette saree beautifully features this aspect with flowery motifs, designs in foliate and jhallar borders that are inspired by Mughal art. A Banarasi saree is believed to be a divine piece of art that enhances the aura, glamour, and ethnicity of any auspicious occasion. Featuring in a Banarasi saree is like a representation of rich Indian tradition and legacy. 

Celebrate in style with a Banarasi Georgette Saree

Banarasi georgette sarees are a blissful blend of rich Indian tradition and contemporary ethnic fashion. Like the Banarasi Silk Sarees that are more or fewer heirlooms, passed from the mother to her daughter – from one generation to the other, the Banarasi georgette saree is the same for the modern women. 

There is a variety of Banarasi Georgette saree that re-categorized based on their unique features like the:

  • 1) Thread Work:  Banarasi georgette saree embodies with intricate threadwork borders are of the most modest types. These sarees have a cheerful finish and more than one color is woven into the detailing of each saree.

  • 2) Zari Work: The ones with silver zari works are surely the hot favorite for the festivals. Fine and articulate zari work borders with fine motif work on these sarees offer enough sheen for delightful attire.

  • 3) Self Bordered ones: The best Banarasi georgette saree features a self border that seamlessly takes the color from the body of the saree and passes it through its length. 

  • 4) Contrast Borders: These types are more of the modern trend that has typical Banarasi motifs with detailing and edged with contrasting colors. 

A Banarasi saree can never let you down in flattering others. With the introduction of the Banarasi Georgette Sarees, it is an instant fashion statement. Surviving the tides of time, the glamour and beauty of a Banarasi saree has remained unfazed. 

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