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military influence on fashion

Textile & Fashion Industry


Military designs and styles have a big influence on the fashion world. Fashion trends influenced by military styles are the ones that have been there for years. Wearing military-style clothing or apparel is believed by many is a way to make their fashion statement. We cannot deny the fact that the military wears have greatly influenced our fashion choices. Even fashion designers around the world have read the military element in the fashion industry and have used its influence even in our everyday wear.

What exactly is military fashion?

Military-style clothing and apparels are more than just a trend. Over the years it has moved on to become a statement, especially for men of all ages. The well structured heavy coats, the combat pants with a masculine attitude, and those muted hats used during World War II are where it all started from. The modern-day military-style fashion is a mix or we can say the fusion of functional uniform with present-day utility and fashion clothing.

From combat boots to camouflaged jackets, everything that a soldier wears on the battleground serves some purpose. This utility quotient was well adopted by the fashion world and unique concepts were worked out that become a runaway success. The camouflaged print used almost by all militaries around the world has turned to be a fashionable art that adds depth to any outfit and toughens the external look of the wearer. It is one pattern and style that no one can neither hate nor love.

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The popularity of military-style clothing

Military fashion is one such attire that everyone has something military in their wardrobe. People sense pride in wearing the design in public – be it a jacket or a t-shirt or a cargo or a simple cap. Clothes designed in the military-style have always been in fashion. It seems that the military influence adds something special to anything worn by someone. It simply portrays attitude.

The military-style does not end with just clothing. Adding on to it, you have distinguished apparel like military beret's, camouflaged hats and caps, leather boots that are laced up high, and more. It can easily be quoted that the military around the world, unmistakably have a deep impact on fashion. Military fashion will never be out of fashion. Be in your style, add a dash of military elegance and you are there living a life of everlasting fashion and enigma. It deserves a crisp salute. 

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