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masks: A compulsion to a trend

Textile & Fashion Industry


With the recent coronavirus outbreak, face masks have become a dire necessity and it has become a forced entity to protect ourselves. Some countries and local authorities have made it mandatory for the public to wear them to prevent ourselves from the virus. This has enticed the fashion world to ensure that the masks we use that are available in the market are trendy. Everyone is on it these days and people are including these masks as one of their most outfits.

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Masks have been in use long before the COVID-19 outbreak – in places where air pollution levels have been high and some to protect their faces in rallies or in places that are crowded to avoid any contamination. When we site the coronavirus, masks not only protect us from the infection but also protects the infected from spreading it to others. Though there has been a lot of panic buying after the pandemic, it has now a must on the list of shopping for almost all of us.

The current trend

One of the biggest shifts in our social behavior is the need to wear a mask whenever we go out. Well there has been a lot of debate in the past few months or so that wearing a mask can protect us from the virus, yet one thing is for sure very clear – people around the world are seeing the mask as a fashion statement. Many Churidar dresses manufacturers are providing designer face mask along with the dress.

Face masks have today become a valued hot commodity for any e-commerce platform. The reality is that fashion gurus and experts are foreseeing that these masks are on the way to becoming one of the most essential fashion accessories. A recent study conducted on the subject confirms that face mask sellers have seen a 200 times more surge in demands for these masks in the recent few months.

Face masks as the latest fashion trend

With the fashion industry jumping in to capitalize on the latest trend, designers, fashion companies and influencers are seeing this as an opportunity as people around the globe are incorporating these masks as one of their daily outfits. In our culture, wearing a mask is not normal, but in the current scenario, people are looking for ways and means to make it a fun proposition to wear a mask all the time. Fashion companies have already started advertising their designs and patterns of masks in fashion magazines and commercials.

Wearing a mask may not be a passing trend anymore. It is not that far that we will now see the mask couture appearing on the ramps shortly.

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