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Indian Kurtis and Their Importance in Indian Society 

Designer Kurtis


In the past few years, the fashion trend with Indian women has seen a significant change and adaptation. One such adaptation or trend is the emergence of designer Kurtis. Kurti has been long used by Indian women, because of their trendy looks and comfortability they provide. Kurtis is somewhat short like an outfit that reaches till the hips. It may be worn long or short and with or without sleeves.

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Kurtis is considered regular comfort wear for women that can adorn any occasion from formals to office and from evening wear to special events and parties. Indian women always had the liberty of choosing from a wide range of attires. Although Kurtis is relatively much modern as compared to other Indian dresses, it has successfully been embraced by almost all Indian women. Kurtis – simple, yet elegant.

So, what makes a Kurti an integral part of Indian society?

You have the long and as well the short Kurtis that you can wear with almost everything – pajamas, leggings, jeans, a tight skin bottom, and more. Here is an illustration of the reasons why Kurtis occupy an integral part of our Indian culture now:

1) It's versatile for any woman: This might one of the prime reasons why Kurtis is so important to any Indian woman. They suit women of all ages – from young college-going teen to an old mother, they are just perfect for all and mainly the long ones. Another major benefit of this Kurtis is that they suit all – old, young, short, tall, fair, and the dark. 

A Kurti is also one of the most versatile dresses that any woman can get her hands on. From casual wear to a party, a Kurti could be just what you always wanted. They do not need much glam on you to dawn one. 

2) The best for style and comfort both: India has somewhat tropical weather in most of its parts except in the north. It is always better if you opt for something very comfortable, yet stylish to wear. A Kurti solves all your wishes. Being body-hugging and longer, it promotes better air movement than the tight jeans and tops that might be a bit irritating and sweaty in a hotter climate. Also, with the versatile design and comfort quotient, it is easy to attend all household chores wearing a Kurti.

3) It’s not a very expensive garment: Kurtis is versatile in your pockets too. You can easily get one as cheap as Rs. 200/- to the exclusive and expensive ones that can range in thousands. Cotton Kurtis manufacturers have introduced the designer Kurtis at very reasonable prices made with the best fabrics.

4) It's universal: India is a liberal country but you have the conservatives too in equal proportion. While some don't see much with the dressing of women, some might object outright. A Kurti solves this purpose for the womenfolk in India.

5) It can be accessorized easily: Depending on what you want to flaunt -  a Western attire or the touch of very own Indian attire, Kurtis easily gels very well with all types of accessories and jewelry.  

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