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The fact that we Indians are fashionable can be traced back to ancient times. Numerous artifacts unearthed during the excavations of the ancient sites reveal that both men and women of the past era were indeed fashionable. Indian fashion from the beginning of time has been recognized for its rich cultural traits, heritage, and elegance. The beauty of colors and warmth have always brought the best out in the Indian fashion and sustained through decades. 

The new era of the Indian fashion industry, though being influenced by the global fashion cult and changing trends have amalgamated its rich tradition well into the modern day outfits and evolved beautifully through decades and centuries. The fashion trend of Indian dresses has an interesting history and has beautifully transformed through ages and centuries. Here are the factors that have helped the transition that we see today:

1) The rich India cultural diversity: India is a country of varied ethnic groups and each is blessed with a unique fashion style. The evolution of tailored garments in India can be traced back to the 10th century A.D. These garments interwoven with diverse styles have come off ages to what is today’s fashion in India. 

2) The impact of liberalization: With globalization, Indian designers have also improvised the latest in the Western world into Indian dresses. Be it the British Raj or the Charleston Era in the fashion world, the expansion of Indian fashion schools, promoted Indian dresses to evolve through the centuries.

3) In the Bollywood: In the '80s that marked the active involvement of women in the Indian fashion circuit altered the Indian attitude towards multiculturalism. As women kept growing independent, Indian dresses became bold and cosmopolitan. Old was revived and the Bollywood kept influencing the way men and women in India dress.

4) The advent of the brands: With growing consciousness and people looking for quality and fashion at the same time, the Indian market started flooding with cloth brands. Multiple Indian and global brands started making their contributions and kept influencing the significant evolution in the Indian fashion and dress industry.

5) The role of fusion fashion: The major changes in the Indian fashion world can be well attributed to the prominence of Indian fashion designers. They are the ones that styled up fusion wear that revolutionized the Indian fashion scenario. The old stood by as gold, the new created a style and the Western added the flair into what is now called THE FUSION STYLE. Fusion dresses have gained enormous popularity that added the modern element into our age-old style of dresses. 

India has always been regarded as a fashion-conscious destination and admired by the world. Indian dresses are ranked very high in the global platform. The multicultural diversity of India can still be witnessed in Indian dresses that have evolved through centuries, tides, and generations. 

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