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How to Style Yourself with Indian Traditional Sarees

Designer Saree


Indian sarees have been recognized the world over for their rich traditional values, cultures, and diversity of the country. A saree is a symbol of grace in the Indian culture. It is that classy and eternal outfit that can never be compared with any other fashion trend. Be it the old, or the young and the curvy and slim, saree are there to bring out the best in every woman. Silk sarees provided by silk saree dealers are the perfect example of a traditional saree that can add grace to the look.

Donned by both the rich and the famous and the commoner, a saree in no doubt is the most ethnic garment for the Indian women. A saree is a perfect feminine outfit that beautifully accentuates the looks and the beauty of every woman and adds to her elegance and personality. Noted below are some of the top tips to style yourself with Indian traditional sarees.

1) The way you drape your saree: 

Draping a saree is an important factor in determining how well you will style yourself in the traditional wear. There are different styles of draping a saree in India, from the Bengali style to the Marathi, Gujarati, and the Butterfly and the Mermaid style. What matters next is a fitting blouse and a petticoat. 

The next important thing is to select the right traditional saree as per your body type:

a) Women with heavier bottom and pear-shaped should go for light designer sarees in softer fabrics like chiffon, net, and georgette in bolder and brighter colors.

b) If you have an apple-shaped body, with a heavy bust and midsection, you should opt for something like traditional silk sarees with detailed embroidery work. The draping should be simple with an Ulta-pallu and stylish blouses in contrasting colors.

c) Women who are overweight should never opt for cotton or any other stiff fabric that can make them look broader. Instead, go for lighter fabrics like chiffon or silk that can balance your shoe and weight. Opt for long or full-sleeved blouses for a slimmer look. 

d) If you are slim and tall, you can always go for cotton organza or Tessar sarees, which provides a fuller length to your figure. Choose from a wide range of colors with big and bold prints. Backless, or sleeveless, or halter neck blouses are meant for you. 

2) The fabric:

How you dress in a traditional saree and look depends a lot on the type of saree fabric. A simple handloom saree could be a perfect choice in hiding those extra pounds and lightweight fabrics like chiffon and georgette are the fabrics that make you look slim. If you like cotton sarees, go for softer and lighter ones. Check out the latest and trending designs from cotton saree manufactures and georgette saree dealers.

3) The color and the prints:

Small and lighter prints with sleek embroidery are good if you want to look slim in an ethnic style. Women who are plumper should go for darker shades like black, green, purple, red, maroon, blue, and navy. While petite women should opt for pink, orange, beige, yellow, and light green. 

4) The perfect blouse:

You must pay as much attention to your blouse as you have on your saree. The two should pair perfectly complementing each other. The latest trend is pairing a contrasting blouse with a traditional and designer saree as well. Long sleeve or 3/4th sleeves pairs perfectly with traditional sarees. 

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