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How to rock a saree look in monsoon season

Designer Saree


Monsoons or the rainy season is much-awaited, especially in tropical weather countries like India. People sign a great relief with the onset of rains from the scorching heat of the summers. As the weather cools down, it's time to step up your glam quotient and take a step forward in the fashion game. As we know that women and sarees in India have a close and intimate affair, these monsoons glam up your ethnic swag in the most scintillating style in the most stimulating ethnic wear – the saree. Designer saree manufacturers are providing the most sophisticated outfit that can enhance your beauty.

It is said that monsoons are the best if spent in sarees. Here are some inspiring ways of rocking a saree look during the monsoon season. Check out the latest collection of embroidery saree manufacturers to get a perfect outfit.

1) Color is what matters a lot

Women love to wear unconventional colors like shades of pastel and whites. But, when it is about choosing the right colors for the monsoons, make your choice wisely. It is best to avoid softer shades, no matter how much they temp you. Choose bright and vibrant colors like yellow, purple, maroon, rust, black, midnight blue, emerald green, and orange. It is simple – the streets are muddy and wet, and showers can pour at any time. These could easily stain your pretty shades of white, cream, and soft pastel. 

2) Lighter fabric matters

During the monsoons, opt for something lighter in fabric like chiffon or georgette that is being offered by georgette saree manufacturers, as they are very light weighted and easier to carry. These fabrics being lighter keeps the skin breathing and keeps you fresh in humid conditions. Don't opt for cotton or silk. Cotton gets dirty easily and takes time to dry. Silk is an absolute 'no' as if you get drenched; it will cling to your skin and suffocate it.

3) Style yourself with pant sarees

If you feel a saree is a bit unconventional for the monsoons, go for the pat sarees – the latest trend in saree fashion. Look ravishing with a pair of stylish pants with the pallu and the blouse and not to forget – it's super comfortable. The pant saree is for the fashionable and bold ladies who love a bit of flattering and extra attention. 

4) Mind the drape

Draping a saree is the key during the monsoons. Tie it a bit higher than usual for easy movement and without spoiling the saree. Keep the pleats tight and hold them with a few extra pins to ensure they stay intact. Keep the pallu loose, as in case of sudden shower or drizzle, you can easily cover your body and head from the rain. 

5) Select the right footwear

Monsoons could be made fashionable, but not with high or pencil heels. Wear comfortable flats that will provide you with a good grip on wet surfaces. After all, it is all about staying comfortable and still be stylish. 

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