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How to Maintain your Silk Saree

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An Indian Silk Saree is admired worldwide for its lustrous beauty and incomparable variety in designs and colors. Silk sarees have a special place in the heart of millions of Indian women. Ladies in India considered a silk saree as an elegant piece of possession that they want to preserve through the ages. No Indian women believe that her wardrobe is complete without a selection of silk sarees. 

We understand that silk sarees are quite an investment and they are precious too. These sarees are needed to be preserved nicely and care for them to last longer and enjoy them time and again for various occasions and festivities. Here are some tips on how to maintain a silk saree:

1) Give them a gentle wash: Most Indian women have a silk saree attached to the core of their heart. These sarees hold special places in their heart. They have memories attached to them. There is no need to get your silk saree washed or dry cleaned from outside.

Wash them gently with water, and avoid the use of any soap or detergent (at least for the couple of initial wash when they are new). Later you can rinse your possession in mild or gentle protein shampoo mixed in plain water to preserve the luster and softness of silk. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, and do not soak for long. Rinse them well in plain water without any wring or twist and dry them in shade away from direct sunlight. 

2) Store them up separately and gently: It is best to wrap a silk saree in cotton or muslin or soft towels and store them separately, away from other fabrics. Wrapping them this way allows your saree to breathe and prevents any zari work to darken due to oxidation with air. Separately storing your silk saree will make sure that it does not get snagged by other fabrics and protect them from moths. Ensure that you open up your saree and refold it every three months to ensure that the saree does not tear off from the fold lines. 

3) Get rid of the saree stains without delays: In case of stains on your silk saree, bet them dry cleaned without delaying much. At times, rinsing the saree in protein shampoo can also help in removing stains. Ghee and oil stains on the saree can be removed by sprinkling some talcum powder and then washing with a mild detergent. 

4) Take care while ironing: Ironing should be done on a silk saree over low heat. If creases and wrinkles do not evens out, you can apply high heat, but first, cover your saree with a fine muslin cloth and then do. Use a steam iron for better care. Keep changing the fold and crease of the saree after some time to ensure that the saree does not develop permanent fold marks. 

Follow these valuable tips and ensure a long and lustrous like of your valuable silk sarees. After all, they have served you on many occasions and there are lots of memories attaches to them. 


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