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How to dress according to your body type – Buy the perfect lehenga online

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Sporting a famed dress or style does not guarantee that you will look great. This is because we all have different body types. What looks good on you may not look good on another. If you want to look great with what you wear, it is vital to identify your body shape and then going out on a shopping spree. 

Your body type is simply an outline of your structure. It is, therefore, understanding your body type, will help you mapping clothes and altering them in a way that matches your style. Know these four basic measurements of your body:

1) The Shoulder: Begin the measurement from the tip of your shoulder and then take it around to the other side, till the end meets the tip of the same should where you started. 

2) The Bust: Measure the fullest part of your bust. Take the fullest part of your bust to start and wrap the tape around and bring it back to where it started. Do not squish and stick to your chest end to end. 

3) The Waist: Just stand straight and start from the slimmest part of your waist above the belly button. Wrap the tape around your waist and bring it back from where you started. 

4) The Hips: Measure the circumference of the fullest part of the butts and measure the hips. Start from one side and wrap it around o bring tape to the start point. 

Now, that you know the measurements of your body, you can determine your body type and choose the perfect lehenga online:

1) The Apple Shaped Body: if your measurement tells you that you are curvy with a less defined waist, your shape is like an apple. Choose a lehenga that is layered and flowy. Lehengas made with soft and light-weight fabrics in pastel colors will make you look beautiful. The same goes for Inverted Triangle Shaped Body types also. 

2) The Pear Shaped Body: it is when your hips are broader than your shoulders and you appear like a pear. Choose a simple lehenga made of plain fabrics and is flowy. The blouse should have highlighted in bright colors and heavy embroidery. 

3) The Hourglass Body: it is when your hips and shoulders are fairly balanced and you have a defined waist. The best lehenga in here is the A-type lehenga with flowy texture and the fabric is of velvet or chiffon. Choose a blouse that is short and flaunts your waist and highlights your upper curves. 

4) The Rectangular Shaped Body: choose a long lehenga that has embroidery or has noticeable designs. It should be made of a rich and stiff fabric like raw silk that is heavily flared. The blouse should be focused around deep necks whose plunging neckline creates the image of a curvy body. 


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