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How can you let your dupatta do talking?

Designer Salwar kameez


Women love to be trendy and keep updated with the latest fashion trends. While you can find almost every styled in a woman’s closet, ethnic attires holds a special place in their heart. One thing that can never be missed in the dupatta, whether it is the suit or the lehenga, cannot be missed. A dupatta is connected to the heart of every Indian woman, and the best part is that the dupatta is available in numerous options. Check out the latest and trending designs offered by embroidery suit wholesalers to addon their most sophisticated attire for any occasion.

Now, how can you let your dupatta do the talking? Here are some gorgeous dupatta styles that you can buy to make your fashion statement.

1) The dupatta with the mirror work: Mirror work has been used in every design and dress in the Indian culture and simply because it can make any piece of cloth look magical and mystical. Get a mirrored work dupatta for that elegantly casual look. Printed dress dealers are using plane dupatta or the dupatta with mirror work to add on a mesmerizing look to the attire.

2) The Tassel dupatta: Add a little jing-Jang to the normally looking dupatta by adding tassels to both ends and see how your simple dupatta transforms into a piece of art. 

3) Ruffles dupatta: Desire to look modern and chic? Fetch the contemporary dupatta with ruffles and achieve sartorial greatness. 

4) The all-time silk dupatta: Nothing can be compared to the all-time silk dupattas. Silk as usual is known for its elegance and class. It not only adds up to the formal and classy look but also adds a lot of elegance to any dress.

5) The sequin: Sequin can fix up any fashion dilemma without a glitch. Just drape a sequin dupatta around your shoulders and seek it does the talking. 

6) The phulkari dupatta: Found in multi-colored floral designs, the Punjabi and Haryanvi phulkari patchwork and embroidered dupatta looks heavenly when worn over a plain white suit. Punjabi dress manufacturers are using the designer phulkari dupatta to embrace the outfit.

7) Embroidered Dupatta: Interested in elevating your style during the festive seasons? Try the gorgeous hand embroidered dupatta in pop colors. 

8) Chikankari dupatta: If you love the shades of white and pastel, the chikankari dupatta is the perfect one for you. It makes for glamorous day-time wear with your suit on any occasion. Go for the self-embroidered one and turn heads around. 

9) The bandhani dupatta: The stunning Rajasthani prints, popularly known as bandhani, make for a perfect dupatta with beautiful falls and colors. 

10) The sheer dupatta: The see-through sheer or mesh fabric dupatta lets the delicate design in your kurta come out by sharing the spotlight and not stealing it. 

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