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Fashion tips for an Indian wedding party

Wedding Dresses


Indian weddings are the most splendorous and glamorous of all weddings. Any Indian wedding is attributed to its grandeur and majesty. Glittering decorations, opulent wedding wears and sparkling jewelry, and lavish cuisines, all sum up as if it is a grand occasion and nothing less than a festival.

As a guest at any wedding party, it becomes quite difficult to look the best. No doubt the excitement doubles if you have been invited to an Indian wedding, but at the same time, the task of arranging the best possible outfits for every occasion makes life challenging. Here are some fashion tips that you must try for an Indian Wedding Party.

1) The savior – The Old School Saree Attire 

No wedding is complete without a saree. We Indians love saree. The reason for calling it 'Old School' is because nothing can beat the glamour and values of a saree. A saree is a tradition in itself that has passed on from one generation to the other without being challenged. It is imbibed in our roots, in our blood. No matter what type of saree you choose, the beauty of a saree is unbeatable. While the modern trend is of chiffon and netted sarees, the craze cannot be shifted from a silk saree. 

2) Color it up mindfully

Not only are ethnic Indians wears colorful, so are the vibes of any Indian wedding. In an Indian wedding, you have great liberty to indulge in colors, from bright pink to mystifying blue and vivacious green; you have a broad spectrum to play with. Avoid colors like maroon and red, as brides in India usually wear these colors. Be it a lehenga choli or a salwar suit, make sure that you do not compete with the color of the bride. 

3) Accessorize well

Indian weddings are full of ladies flaunting their heavy jewelry and diamonds. And closer you are to the bride and the groom, heavier is the jewelry. But, with changing times and fashion trends, women these days love minimalistic looks, there is a trend of liver and pearl accessories that can be seen. If you are fashion conscious, make sure that you choose the right footwear. Colorful chappals, embroidered jutis, and stone studded heels are in fashion. 

4) The don’ts

Make sure you take note of the following, particularly if you attending an Indian Wedding Party for the first time.

  • a) No Blacks: Try not to wear black. Black is considered inauspicious and avoided in all cultural events. 

  • b) Cover up well: Refrain from any sort of exposing attire. Indian weddings are a concoction of fashion and traditional values as well. If you are wearing an outfit with a lot of cut-outs, make sure that you cover them well with a matching shawl or a dupatta. Indians admire and acknowledge modesty.

  • c) No casuals please: The idea over here is to tell you to be less blingy and dull. After all, your host has spent so much to make you comfortable. So be it. Even if you are a little discomfort, manage it up. 

  • d) Do not go overboard: To look fashionable and steal the thunder in a wedding function, do not go overboard. Try and dress modestly and not go too heavy with your jewelry. After all, it's the day of the bride, and let her get attention on her biggest day of life. 

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