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Evolution of Fashion Industry in India

Textile & Fashion Industry


Indians have been a long-standing example of the ever-evolving fashion world which can be traced back to ancient times. If we look at the findings that were unearthed at various excavation sites, it reveals that people of the past era were indeed fashionable in their way. 

The fashion couture in India has many advantages if we compare it with other countries or places. India is a country with vast religious, cultural, and regional traits. These diverse traits allow the people of the country to enjoy diverse fashion styles that are unique to their roots. We can say that the taste of fashion in India is diverse and vivid. Buy cotton sarees online that are highly preferable by Indian women. As it is comfortable to do work after wearing the saree.

The Indian Fashion Industry

Post-independence, clothing has evolved as a major industry for the Indian economy. At the same time, it was also influenced and duly affected by the winds of globalization. Factors like cultural diversity, Indian film industry, liberalization, education, economic development, and the role that the Indian designers have played a major role in the evolution of the fashion industry in the country. 

A saree is a traditional garment worn by most Indian women. No Indian girl can ever say no to the magic of saree. Saree manufacturers are offering a wide range and variety of Sarees that you can wear at home as well as at parties.

Indians are now equally conscious of what they wear and how they look. The rising economy and easy access to the rest of the world have to lead to an increase in the latest designs and trends. Affordable prices, easy accessibly, homemade products, the inflow of big brands setting up in the country, and brand consciousness have lead Indians to be more fashionable and demanding with their styles and looks.

Factors influencing the growth of the fashion industry in India:

1) Bollywood: Fashion all around the world have been greatly influenced by cinemas. Indians have done their country proud by winning beauty and fashion titles internationally. The unique wear of the Indians and their fashion have drawn the attention of the entire world towards them. All sort of dress material is available online so that you can choose the desired Bollywood design and wear your own designed garments.

2) Fashion Shows: Fashion shows provide a platform for some of the best designers of time to showcase their fashion talents to the world. In this aspect, Indian designers have garnered humungous attention and accolades from these shows. Ramp walking models like Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai went to win internal beauty titles and made the country a center stage of fashion.

3) The ever-evolving exclusive boutiques in the country: The popularity of boutiques and its ever-increasing presence is another aspect that has worked in favor of the Indian Fashion Industry.

4) Fashion Training: Fashion is now a serious business in India and it can be well justified with the ever-increasing number of fashion schools in the country. With international standards and state of the art facilities and exposure, fashion in India is at par with the rest of the world.

India has emerged as one of the biggest fashion markets in the world. Indians have been able to dazzle the world with their bright and impeccable fashion sense. In the coming years, it won't be a surprise if India leads the rest of the world in fashion

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