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cotton Fiber: The King of Natural Fiber

Textile & Fashion Industry


Cotton is known for its strength and durability amongst all fibers available. With repeated handling and under vivid environmental conditions, breathable cotton lasts longer than any other fiber materials. The quality and the price incurred in making cotton fiber is another reason that makes it "The King of Natural Fibers". The versatility and adaptability of the cotton fiber make it the first choice of most clothing types, household items, and various accessories.

The King of Natural Fiber

Cotton was the first material used by man to make fabrics. This date back to millions of years and its evidence can be found in Indian and Chinese history. With the advent of time and modernization, cotton slowly became the favorite fabric in the West too. The dominance of cotton fabric all around the world led to cotton being termed as "King Cotton".

The numerous advantages of the cotton fabric over other fabrics like high absorbability, high tensile strength, easy to wash and maintain durability and comfort has made cotton the World's Most Used Natural Fiber. Cotton fiber is widely used by cotton saree dealers to provide the best quality and stuff garments.

The Cotton Story

The cotton itself makes us imagine a soft, silky, and generous feel. It is one fiber that is derived from the hairy seeds of a bushy annual plant. The cultivation of cotton began around 12,000 BC and traveled to various parts of the world creating an impact wherever it went. Cotton is the largest and the most widely used fiber on earth, accounting for more than 40 percent of the total fabric production in the world. It is now grown in more than 80 countries around the world.

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Cotton unlike any other natural fabric (linen, silk, and wool) is not thermoplastic in character. Meaning the fiber when exposed to heat does not melt or softens. This allows cotton to allow manufacturers to try new finishes, to be re-shaped, and finally cooled to get an entirely new look.

The dominance of cotton might have faded with the introduction of synthetic fibers (manmade or artificially manufactured fabrics), yet it holds almost 50% of the market share with textile and apparel products. For many clothing and apparel products, the only name of cotton signifies quality, class, and elegance. Pure 100% cotton shirts and other dress materials always carry the most premium tag as compared to any other fabric including the synthetic ones.

Choosing a fabric like cotton that is long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to use and maintain is always a great step for any manufactures or end-user. The prices are also not that high and give a stunning look and finish to the end product. Ladies' top manufacturers are shifting to cotton fiber to attract more customers and to be a brand name.


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