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Since the early ages, the saree has been the quintessential traditional wear of Indian women. The saree best symbolizes the rich Indian culture and with the advent of time, fashion and fabric gurus have taken the saree to the highest degree of respect and today a saree is regarded so high that its horizon has expanded to varied integrities like weddings, fashion, Hollywood, and many others.

For any Indian woman, it is always a sartorial privilege to wear graceful attire like a saree. Through the vast tunnel of history, the Indian saree has experienced exponential changes and has mutated from just traditional wear to everyday fashion clothing and giving the women of today a big boost to their beauty and elegance. With wide ranges of choices with the material, style, and design, selecting a saree could be quite confusing at times. A saree, as it can be styled in several ways choosing the most flattering one can make all the difference to its effect and your beauty elements. Here is a brief guide on buying sarees:

The sarees by design:

1) The embroidered saree: The saree that is most loved is the one that is embroidered and with traditional motifs. Its smooth stitches, infusion of rich colors, highly delicate brocade embellished art, and the sequins are certainly the most loved. These are the best choice for special occasions like weddings, festivals, and rituals. They go well for parties, events, and other special gatherings. Embroidery Saree distributors are adopted new designing materials to get a unique look to embroider clothes.

2) The plain saree: These are the most versatile pieces that can carry you anywhere. These sarees are elegant, stunning in their looks with minimalistic elegance. Style it up with a plain blouse for a more professional look or pair it up with brocade or a tasseled and an embroidered blouse for the famous party chic look.  Are available in numerous varieties of colors, shades, and designs to choose from.

The sarees by fabric:

1) The cotton saree: Cotton sarees are the most preferred ones for regular and daily use in India. As cotton is a more breathable, durable, and lightweight fabric it is more popular amongst the common ladies. Cotton sarees can be weaved with other fabrics to make them beautifully textured and styled. Cotton Saree manufacturers are offering the sarees with trending designs.

2) The silk sarees: Silk is a natural fiber and because of its smooth, soft, and shimmering texture it happens to be an expensive option and best suited for special occasions, weddings, and festivities. There are indigenous ways how a silk saree is woven in India and every version has its specialty. Some of the famous silk sarees are the Banarasi Silk Saree, Tussar Silk Sarees, Paithani Silk Sarees, Kanjivaaram Silk Sarees, Patola Silk Sarees, and many more. Silk Saree Dealer sare designing the sarees with the fusion of latest and old design to give it a new look.

3) The Kantha saree: Named after the technique used to make the saree, Kantha is manufactured in West Bengal. It is a type of running stitch embroidery and can be done on both cotton and silk varieties. The stitch gives the saree a wavy and wrinkled look.

4) The chiffon saree: Chiffons are lightweight and sheer crepes that after being weaved get certain stretchable qualities are lightly rough in texture.

5) The georgette saree: Available in an array of colors, prints, and dyes, georgettes are lightweight have characteristically crinkly surfaces. These are also sheer which are made out of highly twisted silk yarns.

These are the most common types of sarees that are widely used and purchased. But, it is not the end. You have numerous other varieties like the crepes, lacquered weaves, netted, tissue, and many more. Each type of saree has its characteristics and solves varied purposes. Make your selection based on your need and purpose and you will always have in hand the right choice.

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