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6 expert tips for choosing salwar kameez

Designer Salwar kameez


Salwar Kameez is a popular Indian attire with Indian women. The dress is highly regarded by women folk mainly because of its versatility and comfort. The dress is not only available in different cuts, designs, and colors, but is also apt for any occasion. In a way, wearing salwar kameez is the simplest way to look traditional being stylish without worrying about comfortability.  Over the years, salwar kameez has been the first choice for designers to experiment with their ideas to give us some of the finest silhouettes and designs, working out in numerous choices for salwar kameez fans around the world.

A variety of Salwar Kameez is available. You can buy Cotton Salwar Suit online and a designer salwar suit online with the utmost quality and the best contrast.

In choosing a salwar kameez, there a different factor that needs to be considered, so that you have the perfect one. Here are some expert tips that will guide you in making a perfect choice the next time you are out to get one and carry your breathtaking captive looks effortlessly:

1) Identify your body type: Narrow your search by knowing your body type first. Salwar kameez gives you the freedom to choose one as per your body type and occasion. Analyze your body shape, especially the area around your hip, bust, and waist. Experts say that salwar kameez is one attire looks elegant in any body type if you are able to get the right one. For those gorgeous looking drapes, you should opt for fabrics that stay with the curves, embarking your body curves.

2) Keep in mind the time of the event you will wear your dress: In India, you have two dominant season – the hot summers and the chilling winters. Also when you are going to wear – day or night, matters. A complete dress made out of cotton is just perfect for the summers, whereas, knitted thicker fabrics are good during the winters. Also color matters. Wear a lighter shade with cheerful ascents so that you do not .look too bright. Similarly, for dinners, bright shades of maroon or navy blue or dark yellow and silver or brown are just perfect.

3) Fabric does matter: with any dress, comfort should be the first priority, but at the same time it should also gel with the mood of the event. Season also plays an important role. Cotton is the best for summer days. Fabrics like satin, polyester, and silk are good for all body types.

4) Mind the style: You have different patterns and designs to choose from with salwar kameez dresses – Anarkali, Dhoti Suits, Plazio Suits, Patiala, and more. If you are confused, take your height into consideration. If you are slim and tall, opt for plazio suits, Patiala, or Dhoti Suits to enhance your looks. Anarkali and Churidaar Suits are good for ladies who are petite. Also, your footwear should match and complement the design you opt for.

5) Get experimental: Not all women consider salwar while making their decisions. However, the salwar itself can have a deep impact on your looks and make you look stunning. For example, if you are short heighted, wearing a baggy salwar or a Patiala salwar will make you look shorter. Wearing a pair of heels with the Patiala salwar look outstanding. 

6) Take note of the prints: There are a wide variety of prints and motifs available in Salwar Kameez dresses. Select your prints carefully depending upon the occasion or event you are going to wear. The look of the dress can create illusions of height and weight. Just like vertical prints can give an illusion of being tall, a scattered print is the best for informal parties and looks dazzling.

These tips above will definitely help you choose the right salwar kameez, bujt you must not try on experimenting with all styles. Wearing something different every time will definitely enhance your style quotient and make you feel and look fashionable.


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